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Like the Carnival of his native Trinidad and Tobago, Greg Lassalle uses the entire universe as his canvas. He borrows liberally from jazz, rhythm and blues, classical, salsa, African and Brazilian idioms, blending them with his own Caribbean spice to concoct a personal gumbo of  "World" music. Greg has spent many years performing, writing, recording and producing alongside some of the industry's top professionals. Lola Falana, Connie Francis, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pee Wee Herman, the Phenix Horns from Earth, Wind and Fire, Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff of supergroup Chicago make up a partial list of people he has performed and recorded with. He also arranged and performed music for "Solid Gold" for television. Most of the past decade has been spent touring Asia as bandleader and musical director for el-live productions. Today, he runs G-LAB, an online music production and publishing company, and has an ongoing affiliation with Ana Marie Records from Brazil, where he has  released twelve CDs as a World/Ambient music recording artist.

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